Corinne Eckenspieller, France   


Workshop :

Thursday 28 October 2021

17:30 - 20:30


Morning activities

Saturday 30 - Sunday  31 October 2021

7:30 - 8:00


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Grounding the gaze with the Chinese energy arts and movement games.


A hundred years ago, In one of the 'Better EyeSight Magazines’, Dr. Bates wrote that one sees better with a straight back.


Indeed, since my discovery and practice of the Bates Method, I identified the fundamental links between the vertical axis and the principles of natural vision. Thanks to the physical imprint brought to the body in movement, the postural contribution is very enriching in the evolution of vision.


The quest, in Tai Chi, is the aim of letting go in movement. This can come to life by an adaptation to vertical gravity without creating any tension. We explore how to ground our feet into the floor, with awareness of the verticality of the sacrum through to the head to obtain a sense of being suspended from the sky – all this to the rhythm of the breath. This practice calms the spirit, reduces stress and mental strain and regulates emotions.


Through these very gentle movements, the axis flows through the translatory and rotating movements bringing about the relaxing exploration of verticality alongside the pleasant feeling of swings and sways, all invitations to centralizing the gaze.


In the axis of structural alignment, the mind settles into a dynamic relaxation and we can therefore optimally anchor the gaze, thereby improving vision as well as proprioception and the vestibular system.


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Morning activities

Awakening to movement


The Chinese art of energy facilitates grounding, supporting points in the sense of verticality through the rhythm of the breath. This practice of slow movements made with full awareness, frees the mind, calms the emotions and allows for favorable visual exploration.

This sequence invites the awakening of your sensitivity to the periphery. You will explore Qi Gong movements, a playfulness and a kind of collective dance. At the end of the sequence, you allow yourself to be rocked by a posture in translatory movement and rotations of the grounded vertical axis. This true meditation in movement offers a succession of small and larger swings done with gentleness and fluidity. It is real treat to sense all the perceptual movements and manifestations of a wide open periphery.


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Corinne Eckenspieller


Passionate about vision, I worked as an optician-optometrist for 33 years (I graduated in 1983). As I was changing my career path and training into wellness disciplines such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong, I became familiar and very enthusiastic with Dr. Bates' work.


I started to practice the Bates Method and stopped wearing my glasses that I had for 25 years, while following the teacher training (Certified Ecole de la Vue in 2019).


I have identified many similarities and complementarities with the practice of Chinese energy arts that I also teach.

Through my personal experience of improving eyesight with these two practices, I have developed a process of anchoring the gaze that I propose to explore in this workshop.