Philippe Bohec








Thursday 28 October  2021

14:30 - 17:30






Breath at the service of vision, or how to breathe better to see better


Breathing is a fundamental pillar of the Bates Method. Indeed, the eye, to respect its physiological integrity and to faithfully transmit light, requires an enormous amount of oxygen. Mastering one’s breathing is enabling equilibrium, vitality and serenity.


And you, how do you breathe ?

For most of us, breathing is automatic, unconscious and too weak. Most only use 10 to 15% of their respiratory capacity.

Yet, good mastering of the breathing function, fuller and deeper, provides undeniable benefits for health equilibrium, notably vision, vitality and emotional management.

I shall be offering this breath exploration during the workshop, after a few anatomical and physiological reminders. I will be emphasizing more a relaxing respiration thanks to the activation of the parasympathetic system rather than the dynamic respiration that comes with effort.

You will thus experiment the benefits of breathing which can be used in daily life by way of many practical exercises. With a minimum of training, you will be able to manage emotions, stress and regenerate your whole organism.

Conseqently, you will be able to relax your eyes and supply them with the necessary oxygen for better vision.



Philippe Bohec, France


Passionate about vision for more than thirty five years, I worked for many years as an optician with a degree in optometry.

Following the discovery of the Bates Method in 2006, I observed an improvement in my vision and became aware of the link between vision problems and physical (stress) and psychological (negative emotions) states which often maintain the visual system over years in a state of « perpetual » tension.

Eager to impart this knowledge, I became a Bates Method teacher in 2011 and stopped wearing my glasses which I had worn from the age of 7 years old.

For several years, I have also been harmonising living areas by neutralising all negative influences in the environment (Geobiology), in order to preserve the physical, psychological and emotional capital of a person and thereby his/her visual capacity.


Since 2012, I have been devoting my time fully to natural vision improvement while incorporating my optometry and energy-based practice.