Michel Paré





Friday 29 October 2021

09:30 - 12:30






Be hale and hearty !

Holistisc Vision, Holistic gymnastics : Dr. Bates and Dr. Ehrenfried, similarities and complementarities. The wholeness of the human being


Maintaining the horizontality of the gaze is a fundamental element of our verticality. The body in movement needs to keep maximum availability, globally and constantly, in the service of vision.

This workshop will enable you to discover the complementarity of « Gymnastique Holistique » Ehrenfried Method with the Bates Method. These two contemporary methods have common principles :


- Awarenss – proprioception

- Relaxation

- Respiration


Both Dr. Bates and Dr. Ehrenfried understood the importance and the necessity of stimulating and of using a potential, a function, at risk of being lost.

These two methods enable the human to straighten, reinforcing his/her supports and his/her axis, thus able to experience his/her physicality in full self-presence (internal transversality).

To this « I » that is defined through verticality, the holistic vision of Dr. Bates adds an opening to others, to the awareness of the environment (external transversality).

You will explore the interest and the link between the availableness of the body and the repercussions on vision.

The agility of the body once obtained, allows the spontaneous restoration of correct, natural movement and breath for the benefit of better vision.



Michel Paré, France


After training as a physiotherapist, I discovered the notion of the wholeness of the human being (holistic) and so trained in osteopathy and later in the Mézières method.

My personal research led me to discover Dr. Ehrenfried’s Gymnastique Holistique method which I have been teaching since 1994 and teacher training since 2011.

My curiosity further brought me to train in the holistic vision method of Dr. Bates which I have been teaching since 2014.