Marianne Wiendl




Workshop :

Thursday 28 October 2021

09:30 - 12:30(workshop in French)








Systemic eye therapy - in individual work , a supplement to vision training


Many exercises in vision training have a positive effect on vision. However, sometimes there is no improvement in vision.

Here, systemic eye therapy offers a way to look at the emotional aspects. The eyes are the gateway to the soul and it is worth looking deeper. Limitations that block eyesight can go hand in hand with negative beliefs. Family and occupational stress have an effect on eyesight. With the help of systemic eye therapy, it is possible to recognize the relationships and resolve the disorders. Preventive beliefs can be revealed and reassigned. After that, the perception can develop freely again, visual exercises have more power, a process that has an immediate effect on the eyesight.

Systemic eye therapy is a supplement to vision-therapy, suitable for all ametropia and eye diseases. If you work with the systemic-eye-therapy, other approaches from all areas work faster and better.


Workshop content:

Introduction to systemic eye therapy, imaginary design and eye constellations in individual work, a practical introduction for everyone.



Marianne Wiendl, Germany


Naturopath and vision trainer. It was over 20 years ago that I came into contact with vision training. I did my training at the Institute for Applied Kinesiology in Kirchzarten, after the first courses I was able to reduce my glasses prescription and for most of the time I am now without glasses. This experience inspired me, so I completed many other training courses. The fact that I am accompanying more and more clients with eye diseases using Kinesiology led me to train as a naturopath in 2001. My options expanded to include the naturopathic area. Today I run a holistic vision school with a focus on training, further education and self-awareness. My hobbyhorse is systemic eye therapy, an approach that I developed from family constellations.

Conceptual work:

· Seminar management in company vision training

· CEO and co-founder of “Verein GESUNDES SEHEN” 1999-2008

· Lectures and training in the field of HEALTHY SEEING

· 2010 Foundation of the Sehakademie - vision school with heart

· (Training | Continuing Education | Self Experience)

· Co-organizer of the International Conference for Holistic Vision 2007 in Tutzing and 2019 in Frankfurt

· Organization of the symposium 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018,

· Author: Systemic eye therapy, vision games for children,