Laurence Fritz





Lecture :

Sunday 31 October 2021

14:30 - 15:15






Vestibular asthenopia…  and if it was actually very simple?


“I can’t bear travelling in a car as a passenger, walking by a supermarket shelf, using the escalators, looking at striped surfaces or at a document while it scrolls down a computer screen.”

What is the common denominator of all these unpleasant experiences?

What enables us to maintain our sense of balance? The visual function of course, but not only that…!

And when this system no longer functions properly, why do we feel so awful?

To answer this question a long path of clinical tests begins, – although not invasive they are terribly stressful – leading to the prescription of vestibular rehabilitation therapy and sometimes to orthoptics…

Wouldn’t the Bates Method have a major part to play?



Laurence Fritz, Belgium


Bates Method teacher, orthoptist, optometrist. Her professional journey to the Bates Method evolved through a scrupulous observation of her practice: from optics to opthoptics and then to optometry. She trained in the Bates Method to complete her personal approach to vision problems.