Esther Joy Van der Werf



Lecture :

Saturday 30 October 2021

10:00 - 10:45


Workshop :

Friday 29 October 2021

9:30 - 12:30






Stress and Vision



A century ago, Dr. W.H. Bates emphasized (or "stressed") the significant role mental strain plays in visual challenges, and consequently, he also emphasized the importance of releasing this strain to achieve clear vision. Since Bates, more studies have been done on the role that stress plays on eyesight. In this talk, we take a look at some of the research, and at the solutions presented, both by Bates and others that promote both visual clarity and a more joyful life!




Abstract :

Understanding the coordinated actions of eye muscles


When William Bates dared to oppose the widely accepted theory of Hermann von Helmholtz regarding the action of the extraocular muscles versus the ciliary muscles in accommodation, Bates was a lone voice in a sea of 'believers.' Bates wasn't the first, nor the last, to hold the view that the extraocular muscles are responsible for focusing the eyes, yet it appears that very few in-depth studies have been done on this topic. In this workshop, we will go over some of the more detailed explanations I have come across that provide a better understanding of the coordinated actions of the eye muscles. When you have a better grasp of these muscle actions, your insights will help you work more effectively with your clients. Your ability to show them what their eye muscles are doing, can be both fun and enlightening!



Esther Joy van der Werf, NL/USA


Esther Joy van der Werf has been fascinated by eyesight for the past two decades - how it works, why it fails, and what can be done about that, naturally! She reversed her own myopia in just two weeks and has since helped people all over the world with their visual challenges. She authored several books about natural vision improvement – the most recent is "Optimal Eyesight" which explains how eyestrain is the main problem with functional vision issues, and how visual relaxation brings back clarity. Esther lives in Ojai, California.