Corinne Maréchal



Lecture :

Saturday 30 October 2021

17:00 - 17:45













Ocular reflexology, a new approach to vision care


Reflexology is a treatment and therapy consisting of finger pressure on particular points on the sole of the foot. These pressure points produce an action, from a distance, on an organ or on certain systems of the human body.


As a reflexologist, I have been searching how to orient the principle of reflexology to facilitate the expansion of the visual field, both on the physical and the psychological level. The result is a protocol which integrates the stmiulation of a reflex zone around the eyes in addition to those on the feet. It is a very complete, energy-based treatment, in constant evolution, which I have called « ocular reflexolgy ».


In the short term, this treatment has a relaxing and soothing effect. Applied regularly, it enables, in the medium and long term, a decrease of tensions and ocular fatigue by way of rebalancing the neuroendocrine system via the associated reflex areas. It contributes to the restoration of improved self-image. To date, there is no statistical study of the effects of ocular reflexlolgy.

In order to meet the need for additional tools to foster relaxation of the visual system, I trained as a Bates Method teacher. Currently, I am exploring the possibility of integrating the Bates Method into ocular reflexology, by way of integrating an educational approach into the treatment.




Corinne Maréchal, France


Réflexologist , creator of ocular reflexolgy. Author of the book «ABC de la réflexologie oculaire » (Ed. Grancher 2008) (ABC of ocular reflexology).

Teacher trainer at the l’Ecole Reflexe Santé in Switzerland since 2015. Graduated in 2019 from the Ecole de la Vue as teacher of the Bates Method. Graduated in manual and energy-based therapies, traditional massage and reflexology from a number of schools and institutes