Giorgio Ferrario, Italie civh 2021


Giorgio Ferrario, Italy


Giuliana Gatti,



Workshop :

Thursday 28 October 2021





Sound as a tool to educate the brain and mind to see better


The sensory channels are all organised on similar principles. When you educate the ability to perceive through one sensory channel, all the others are educated to use the same information to eliminate the mistakes they were making in order to function. The perception of sound (not music) represents a tool of excellence, always available for learning the correct operating concepts and spreading those concepts to all the other senses ... sight included.



Giorgio Ferrario, Italy

A Bates method teacher since 1986 and founder and director of Scuola Bates Italia, Giorgio co-founded “Redefine Vision” and is President of ‘Sophie” (his Italian association)




Giuliana Gatti, Italy

A Bates method teacher since 2008 graduated from the Scuola Bates Italia. She co-founded “Redefine Vision”. Giuliana is also a biologist and a university researcher.